Academic Research Project Assistance

Our research center welcomes all passionate students and scholars. Our team is providing assistance in solving geospatial problems of the research works conducted. We have served students from Civil engineering, Computer science, Geology, Geography,  and Geoinformatics, M.scGeology, M.scEnvironment sciences and P.hd Scholars.

Few  Research topics that we assisted are listed below.

  •  Land use Land cover change analysis.
  •    Groundwater potential zone identification
  •    Site suitability analysis of water harvesting structures
  •  Watershed management.
  •    Road accident mapping and zonation.
  • Reservoir sediment deposite calculation.
  • Runoff calculation.
  • Landslide potential zone analysis.
  •  Water quality analysis and mapping
  • Solar panel installation site suitability analysis.
  • New road alignment proposal.
  • Air quality analysis and mapping etc.

We helped them to understand the basis of GIS and Remote sensing and to apply that knowledge in their research problem. We guided them to find the data sources and taught them the entire procedure to digitize the data and the geospatial analysis essential for the project.

Our plan is to help you throughout the research period, enabling all of the group members with a proper and fruit full GIS education according to the requirement of your topic. During this period, you need to learn following topics to complete your research in an effective and useful manner.

1. Introduction to GIS

  •   GIS concepts
  •  Applications of GIS (focusing on the research topic)  
  • GIS data formats
  •  Map projections
  •  Concept of spatial database
  •  Concept of geospatial analysis
  • Output generation methods

2. Remote sensing concepts

  •  Fundamentals of remote sensing
  •  Applications of remote sensing (focusing on the research topic )  
  •  Image interpretation techniques
  • Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS for land use/land cover mapping

3. GPS

  • Introduction to GPS
  • Familiarization with mobile GPS

4. Familiarization with GIS softwares

  • Familiarization with GIS software package
  • Concept of geodatabase
  •  Georeferencing
  • Digitization
  • Topology creation
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Report generation
  • Map creation 

We are dividing the entire project in to different phases.

Basics: First we will provide a basic idea of GIS.After basic GIS education we will jump to the planning stage, i.e. data required(like satellite images, toposheet, administrative boundary etc.), Geodatabase management and feature classes(e.g. roads, land use, assets, drainage lines, contour etc. according to requirement) to be digitized.

Digitization of database: For this purpose, you should know to handle the 

GIS software packages with our assistance.

While completing the procedure you will be thorough with the GIS editing tools. After that topology check should be done for finding the errors in digitization.

Analysis and manipulation: This is the phase where we will produce our results.

we will use analysis tools and result obtained will be analyzed and projected as our results.

Map creation and Results: We will help you in making the required maps, charts and tables.

You have to prepare the thesis paper yourself because you have to defend it before the jury. Of course,, there will be complete monitoring and mentoring throughout the process.