Our story

Every organization has a story or an emotion to share, We have too. TETRAGIS was born on emotions. The love and passion towards the Geospatial technologies stacked with grief and anguish towards the ignorance of the Geospatial sector in our nation lead to the birth of TETRAGIS.

We are a group of Geospatial Experts from different domains. Our team consists of professionals from Civil engineering, Geology, Geography, Environment science and Computer science. All have higher education in Geoinformation and Remote sensing also,  after studies we were working in geospatial domains in different Government, Private and NGO Organizations. The pure passion towards the geospatial technologies and constant learning have enabled us to excel in this industry. But the biggest question that we always faced from our friends and family was,  

What is GIS?

What is Remote sensing?

What is the use of this silly map making skill?

Then we realize that common people of our nation don’t have any idea about the potential of geospatial technologies, even educated professionals including government officials.

We always believed that geospatial technologies have a big role in the development of our nation. But how can we achieve that with this kind of ignorance level? As a responsible citizen, we envisioned our role and contribution to the nation. Thus, TETRAGIS was founded.


TETRAGIS is the abbreviation of “Terrain Tracking Geospatial Information Services”

Our mission is to create awareness about the geospatial technologies among the common people along with building the future professionals with strong geospatial skills. We train the professionals to use geospatial technologies for the development of our nation. The research centre will be focused on helping students and scholars for their academic research project.  We also undertake geospatial consultation works, our clients are from the government and private sectors. We empower them to find solutions for their geospatial problems.

We are associated with several geospatial companies in education, manufacturing and services. Furthermore, we will share our resources for the research and development of geospatial technologies. Several online Edu-providers are partnered with us to give the most demanding and essential courses in the industry. We are always looking forward to joining hands with new companies in future. We believe that team work can achieve the goals faster.

What can we do for you?

We are always focused on promoting Geospatial technology in our nation, and we are devoted to do that.

We are providing training courses in GIS and RS domain, Online as well as in offline modes.

Our experts are providing education opportunities in GIS and Remote sensing. Courses ranges from basic to advanced level, in house trainings are also provided on request.

We are helping students and scholars for their academic research project in Geospatial domain.

Students and scholars are always welcomed to our organization, we can help you to solve all your geospatial problems during the research.

We are geospatial consultants. 

We undertake projects in GIS and RS, helps government and private organization to solve the problems. 

Need advice?

Please feel free to contact us for any help in geospatial domain. We are happy to help you.

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