GEO visualization – GIS day 2022

Our home planet, Earth, is a world unlike any other. As far as we know, it’s the only planet with water and life. The geography of this planet, Earth, is incredible. It includes luscious forests, mountains, deserts, glaciers, deep oceans, islands, and volcanoes. Since early times, humans have been curious about the world and have discovered that maps can be used to understand it better. It is believed that the first maps appeared on cave walls, mammoth tusks, and clay tablets. After that, a lot of experiments were made and different technologies were developed in the field of cartography, and thus the Geographic Information System (GIS) evolved.

On this GIS day (2022), a day to celebrate those who love this planet and cartography, we are presenting our little effort to make some map visualizations to join the party.

1. Road Network Map of New Delhi, India


2. Relative Elevation Model (REM), Missouri River, USA


3. Clay Map – Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France


4. NDVI – Time series RGB Composite, Kansas, USA


5. Mount Vesuvius, Italy, A Night View


5. Upper Kanawha Watershed, West Virginia, USA


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